Published Poetry

"Upon Finding Our Graduation Photograph, I Realize" was published in the fall 2016 edition of Prairie Margins

"Lessons from Girlhood" was published in the spring 2016 (issue 67) edition of Colonnades literary and art     journal 

"The Pit" was published in the spring 2015 edition (issue 66) of Colonnades literary and art journal 


Other Published Writing

Blog Posts for Prose Media (Feburary 2017) 

Blog posts in The Huffington Post (July-August 2016)

Blog posts for The Edge magazine (August-December 2015) 

Blog posts for Her Campus Media (April 2015)

Blog post "My Body, My Worst Enemy" for 2 Degrees Magazine (March 2015)

Blog posts for Limelight Music Group (July 2014-October 2014)