“Where I Rest (My Bones),” 2018

This series was shot in my hometown, Columbia, SC. Creating the images was a physical and emotional challenge for me–I engaged with different elements of my childhood house, yard, and the surrounding woods, drawing upon memories from my adolescence.

While I have fond memories of my childhood, I have a very complicated relationship with my town, partially due to its problematic past in U.S. history and also because of my experiences living in a conservative, religious pocket of the deep south. Perhaps this tumultuous relationship is why I’ve never felt completely connected to one place.

Skeptical of the idea of a “community,” I float quietly through the cities and towns I inhabit or visit, unsure of where I fit, always acting as the observer. Yet, even without any emotional ties to one place, I embody a multitude of passions and experiences, further complicating my identity and my journey to discovering where I belong.